A New Low in Minnesota Political Ads

Last minute, desperate television ad from Tim Walz allies goes too far

Golden Valley, MN --- Jeff Johnson lashed out at the Alliance for a Better MInnesota’s latest attack ad against him calling it despicable and a new low in Minnesota political advertising. The ad features a young disabled man in a wheelchair who claims he would not receive medical care if Jeff Johnson is elected governor.

In fact, the healthcare needs of the person featured in the ad would be covered by the state of Minnesota and the federal government through Medicaid. Nothing in Johnson’s healthcare proposals would change that.

“This ad is despicable, based on a flat-out lie and is everything people complain about in negative campaigning - it makes me sick to my stomach,” said Johnson. “To portray this young man in a political ad this way does a disservice to disabled people across the state who really do need our support. There’s a special place in hell for the people who designed this ad.”

Johnson noted the Alliance for a Better Minnesota is funded by the same groups and donors who are funding Tim Walz’s campaign, including people who work in the healthcare field and take care of disabled people every day.

  • Messinger, Alida
  • Opperman, Vance
  • SEIU Minn State Council Political Fund
  • Minnesota Nurses Association
  • Education Minnesota
  • Minn AFL-CIO
  • Minn Assoc of Professional Employees Political Fund
  • Laborers District Council of Minn & ND Pol Fund
  • Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation


The Alliance for a Better Minnesota has already run $4 million of negative ads against Johnson and plans to spend another $550,000 on their latest ad.

Text of the ad:

Austin from Cold Spring: When I was born, the doctors had only given me six months to live. But I defied the odds and now I’m here. My parents were barely scraping by as it was so if I didn’t have insurance, I don’t know what we would do.

Narrator: Jeff Johnson’s healthcare plan would take away insurance from 300,000 Minnesotans, drive up costs and could allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Austin: People with disabilities deserve affordable healthcare just like everybody else. For Jeff Johnson to treat us this way is profoundly shameful.



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  • M S
    Not all disabled citizens are on state aid. All of my disabilities were a result of being injured by others. Why would I be punished by a risk pool? Why would a poor person have to be nearly destitute to qualify for the aid you mentioned above? Get rid of the pool and attach the risk to hospitals, drunk drivers, and all the risk takers out there. Although I agree with changing healthcare, guaging the poor and sick is just another bad tax.
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