ActionPlanMN #1 Government ReformActionPlan for MN: Government Reform

In government, as in any organization, the process impacts the result—and the current process is failing us. It’s clear that we need to dramatically change the way government functions in Minnesota.

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ActionPlanMN-2-Taxes-Spending.jpgActionPlan for MN: Taxes & Spending

Of all the battles I fight as Governor, none will be more important than taxes and spending in Minnesota. Cutting taxes and controlling spending is the simplest and fastest way we can help ALL Minnesotans prosper.

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ActionPlanMN-3-Jobs-Economy.jpgActionPlan for MN: Jobs & Economy

Coming in January.

ActionPlanMN-4-Education.jpgActionPlan for MN: Education

Coming in February.

ActionPlanMN-5-Transportation-b.jpgActionPlan for MN: Transportation

Coming in March.

ActionPlanMN-6-Healthcare-b.jpgActionPlan for MN: Healthcare

Coming in April.