Caucus 2018

Precinct Caucus Basics:


  • Why does Caucus matter?
  • What is Caucus?
  • What happens at Caucus?
  • Where do you Caucus?

Why does Caucus matter?- We all want to help Jeff win. And other than writing a big check, attending caucus and voting for him in the straw poll, talking to your neighbors about Jeff and running to be a delegate is the absolute best way to help Jeff.  A solid showing at caucus will bolster the strong momentum Jeff already has and will help us continue building the massive statewide team we need to win in November.

What is Caucus? - On Tuesday February 6, Republicans across the state will be gathering in their neighborhood's for precinct caucuses. Those who show up will have the opportunity to vote on who should be the Republican candidate for Governor. If we want a victory in November, we can't stay home Tuesday, February 6th. 

What happens at Caucus? - Caucus is also the first step in the process of electing the delegates and alternates who will ultimately choose and endorse our next Republican nominee for Governor. Quite simply, you show up to your neighborhood caucus (bring a friend), register and a convener leads everyone through a process where you will be able to nominate yourself or others to represent your neighborhood at the district convention. It's really easy and super important! Many times anyone who wants to be a delegate to the district convention is elected, so don't hold back.

Where do you Caucus? - There are over 4100 precincts in Minnesota! (Seriously!) Here is a link to the Secretary of States Caucus finder where you can type in your address to get your neighborhood caucus location. Check it out and Go Jeff!


Who's pledging

12,636 votes

Yes I support Jeff Johnson for Governor.
I might support Jeff Johnson for Governor, tell me more.
No I do not support Jeff Johnson for Governor.

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