Earning It

One of the great things about our Endorsement process is that you have to get out and work extremely hard to win it... and we’ve been going nonstop since Day One.

Just in the the last month: 

  • 20 cities
  • All 8 Congressional Districts
  • 15 media interviews
  • 3 op-eds
  • 2 candidate forums
  • 1 video
  • 1,000+ phone calls
  • And, 12 days at the State Fair!

Throughout all of that activity, I’ve been telling people exactly why I’m running and a few of the major things I will start doing the day I’m sworn in as our next governor. Here’s a short clip of both these things from a recent candidate forum:

I’m on a personal mission to not only spread this message far and wide, but to also talk to every single Republican activist in the state and answer every question you might have, and I think I’m on pace to do it!

I’ll continue to be the hardest working candidate in this race and I hope to earn your support.

See you on the trail!


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