Jeff Johnson reacts to Alliance For A Better Minnesota lying (yet again)

September 5th, 2018
Jeff Johnson reacts to Alliance For A Better Minnesota lying (yet again)

Plymouth, MN -- Alliance For A Better Minnesota (ABM) launched a new ad falsely claiming that Jeff Johnson would end insurance coverage for Minnesotans and would no longer require that Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions be covered.  Both claims are blatant lies and are intended to cover up the fact that the DFL candidate for governor wants to eliminate private health insurance and force all Minnesotans onto one government program.

"It's pathetic this organization is so dishonest about such an important issue to Minnesotans. I've been consistently clear that Minnesota will always cover those with pre-existing conditions, just as we have for decades." said Jeff Johnson. "Unlike my opponent, though, I actually believe we should foster more competition and choice for those who pay for their own insurance to bring down the ridiculous premium hikes we've seen under MNSure."

Remarkably, ABM didn't even try to hide their dishonesty as the following text is literally from the healthcare plan on the Johnson for Governor website:

ACTION: I will advocate for reinstating a MCHA-style pool for those with pre-existing conditions, guaranteeing competitively-priced coverage for everyone in Minnesota - even those with pre-existing conditions.

Johnson's opponent, Tim Walz, has called for Minnesota to move to a single-payer system in which private insurance is eliminated and all Minnesotans are forced onto one government plan.

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  • Debra Burns
    Do people realize that govt run healthcare allows govt to make decisions about our healthcare? How about UK babies denied life saving experimental procedures due to cost?
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