Making the case for your vote on August 14


This primary election between Tim Pawlenty and me is a pivotal moment in our party and there are stark differences between us as candidates.

Before you cast your ballot, I’d like to share why I believe I am the strongest candidate in this election and humbly ask for your vote.

1) I’m the conservative running in this race

My record and Tim’s record are very different. As governor, Tim gave us higher spending, massive fee increases, green energy mandates, light rail and common core. Tim had his chance, and he did not stand up for conservative principles.

By contrast, I am the endorsed Republican candidate and a Constitutional conservative. As governor, I’ll actually shrink the budget and rein in arrogant state agencies like the DNR and the MPCA, and, importantly, I will not cave when the Left attacks. I have a 95% Lifetime Taxpayer League score, one of the highest in history, and an impeccable record on the 2nd Amendment and pro-life issues.

2) How we each have campaigned in this race is VERY telling

I won the endorsement of the Republican Party by travelling the state, working hard, tackling the tough issues and telling the truth. And we continued this all the way through the primary. Our campaign is powered (and funded) almost solely by everyday grassroots Minnesotans. We have started a movement in Minnesota and it has created the type of energy and enthusiasm we need to win in November.

Tim has taken the opposite approach on every level. He started his campaign with a private closed-door meeting of the wealthiest donors in Minnesota and since then he’s abandoned the endorsement, campaigned very little, mostly avoided debates and public appearances with me and offered a small collection of poll-tested talking points instead of any substance.

Then it got worse.

Three weeks ago, Tim launched the most dishonest political attack ad I’ve ever seen. It was a shameful low for a former governor and the ad has been completely and universally discredited by every fact checker who has looked at it. This includes WCCO finding a false claim by Tim every 2.5 seconds (which can be seen HERE) and KSTP giving it a D+ on it's "Truth Test" (which can be seen HERE).

3) I’m the stronger candidate in November against the DFL

I believe Republicans will win in 2018 by working hard, taking tough stands, telling it like it is and by laying out a vision for the future.

Fair or not, if Tim is our nominee, this will be a referendum on his past--whether it’s his eight years as governor, the millions he made as a DC lobbyist for big banks or his attacks on President Trump right before the 2016 election.

If I’m our nominee, I will bring an energized Republican base to the polls in November and lay out a positive, aggressive and inspiring conservative vision for Minnesota’s future. The race will be a referendum on my vision of the future versus the DFL’s vision. I’m confident we’ll win that battle.

Lastly, if you'd like to learn more, you can view my website HERE, you can see what we're all about in video form HERE and you can see my policy platform by clicking here: Jeff Johnson ActionPlan/MN.

I hope you get a chance to read and consider this before you drop your ballot in the mail or head to the polls, and I hope to earn your vote.

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