Making the case for your vote...


Making The Case For Your Vote

I’ve worked hard for 17 months sharing my vision for Minnesota’s future -- now the choice is yours.

As your governor there’s a few things you can count on from me every single day: 1) I will always tell you the truth and exactly where I stand, and 2) My administration will always make you proud to be a Minnesotan.

My opponent and I have starkly different views on almost every important issue and a clear choice awaits November 6th. On everything from how much power government should have, to how high our taxes should be, to whether or not we should enforce our laws to how much government should impact our healthcare -- I know my vision and approach will strengthen our state and lift people up in every region.

Today, I’m asking for your vote and for the opportunity to represent you.

If you’ve made your decision and are ready vote, you can find all the info you need and your polling location HERE.

If you’re still undecided, whether you’d like to glance, watch or read, here is my case to be your next governor...


You can view my specific plans and platform HERE, but in short, as governor I will:

  • END the tired status quo politics plaguing St. Paul
  • PASS bi-partisan generational government reforms like term limits & MORE
  • CUT our absurdly high taxes and fees
  • GUARANTEE coverage for pre-existing conditions & lower healthcare costs
  • IMPROVE our state’s education system by empowering parents, not unions
  • AUDIT all government programs and stop the ones wasting our tax dollars
  • INVEST in building roads and bridges to fix our traffic congestion problems
  • REIN IN arrogant state agencies like the DNR & PCA
  • STOP taxing our Senior’s Social Security benefits (which is a no-brainer)
  • ROOT OUT the rampant corruption & fraud we’ve seen & fire people who deserve it
  • LISTEN to Minnesotans over government bureaucrats
  • PROTECT our 2nd Amendment rights
  • FIGHT for pro-life policies that protect the unborn




In 30 seconds…


30 second video on our contrasting “visions” for Minnesota (Watch HERE)

30 second video on the future of our healthcare (Watch HERE)

30 second video on all the awful and false TV ads (Watch HERE)

What it’s all about in 90 seconds…

”The story of Rebecca”



In three simple reasons…

1) Change or more of the same
We’ve had 8 long years of very liberal leadership in the governor’s office. In that time we have seen government grow and our agencies get more overbearing, controlling and, frankly, arrogant. The result has been an embarrassing amount of fraud, corruption and scandal. From MNSURE, MNLARS, elder abuse, massive daycare fraud, identity theft it has become common-place.

Unfortunately, my opponent is even more liberal, supports more of the same and has not expressed any interest in cleaning up government. I believe Minnesota deserves better than what our government has been giving us. As your next governor I will hold government accountable to taxpayers, stop wasting your money and pass bipartisan government reforms that will take our government away from politicians and return it to our people.

2) The issues and contrasting philosophies
I believe in empowering Minnesotans and letting us keep more of our hard-earned money to spend how we see fit. I believe in a government that takes care of our most vulnerable and a government that gets results--not just spends money. I know the greatness of Minnesota comes from our people, not our government.

My opponent believes the answer to almost every single thing is more government control and spending. He has voted with Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison 94% of the time and is running on a platform of raising taxes, a government takeover of our healthcare system and making Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. I believe this extreme approach is wrong and far out-of-step with most Minnesotans.

3 ) How we each have campaigned in this race is VERY telling
For the last 17 months I have traveled this state several times over and talked to countless Minnesotans. I have always answered questions honestly and have been very clear on where I stand and why--even if it’s not the answer people wanted to hear. I believe Minnesotans are sick and tired of politics as usual and telling one group of people one thing then saying something else to a different audience.

My opponent has shown a clear track record of being unclear on where he stands and flip-flopping on some of the most important issues we face. On everything from the 2nd Amendment, Line3 and other pipelines, government-run healthcare and taxes he's been on several sides. So many different things have been said that even I’m unclear where he stands at this point. Minnesotans deserve straight answers, not more political theatrics.

Lastly, if you'd like to learn more, you can view my website HERE, you can see what we're all about in video form HERE and you can see my policy platform by clicking here: Jeff Johnson ActionPlan/MN.


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  • Charlotte Hennessy
    I have reported you to the FCC for unsolicited political text message spam. Encourage others who have received unsolicited political text messages from this campaign to do the same.
  • Tucker Pearce
    What’s with spamming my text? You support Trump who brings far too much hatred into this great nation so there is zero chance I’ll vote for you.
  • John Pivec
    I don’t like your text message SPAM can go fuck yourself and get lost
  • John Smith
    I really don’t appreciate your campaign SPAMMING my cell phone with unsolicited text messages about voting for you.

    Feel free to text Jeff at 763-550-7904 or send him a letter at 4620 Minnesota Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446 if you agree.

    BTW – A republican, but I will NOT vote for any candidate of any party that endorses these kinds of campaign tactics.
  • Chris Britz
    Mr Johnson, I hope you are true to your word. I will be voting for you on Tuesday, and will be watching the resalts. Can’t wait for the changes to take effect.
    Best regards,
    Chris Britz
    Cottage Grove MN
  • Gary Pruchnicki
    You’ve got my vote Jeff !
    This state NEEDS to go RED.
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