Jeff Johnson calls on Tim Walz to give details of "single-payer" healthcare he's promised to implement




Jeff Johnson calls on Tim Walz to give details of "single-payer" healthcare he's promised to implement

Golden Valley, MN -- Today Jeff Johnson is calling for Tim Walz to directly address the specifics of his plan to push Minnesota into a single-payer healthcare system as governor.

While it has been occasionally reported by media outlets that Tim Walz's position is a "Minnesota Care buy-in", that is not his position. Tim Walz has unequivocally stated he supports a Minnesota Care buy-in in the immediate future, then he will usher "single-payer" into law.

The price-tag and consequences of single-payer are staggering and Tim Walz owes Minnesotans answers to the following questions:

1) Studies and the experience of other states indicates this will cost Minnesota at least $17 billion per year. What specific taxes will be raised on Minnesotans to pay for this?

2) Will every Minnesotan lose their existing healthcare plan?

3) What does the Walz plan factor to be the final impact on the number of practicing doctors in Minnesota when they are only paid the equivalent of medicare reimbursement rates?

Facts & Sources:
Walz position:

Other states who have tried to implement single-payer (and did not due to cost):
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Jeff Johnson reacts to Alliance For A Better Minnesota lying (yet again)

September 5th, 2018
Jeff Johnson reacts to Alliance For A Better Minnesota lying (yet again)

Plymouth, MN -- Alliance For A Better Minnesota (ABM) launched a new ad falsely claiming that Jeff Johnson would end insurance coverage for Minnesotans and would no longer require that Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions be covered.  Both claims are blatant lies and are intended to cover up the fact that the DFL candidate for governor wants to eliminate private health insurance and force all Minnesotans onto one government program.

"It's pathetic this organization is so dishonest about such an important issue to Minnesotans. I've been consistently clear that Minnesota will always cover those with pre-existing conditions, just as we have for decades." said Jeff Johnson. "Unlike my opponent, though, I actually believe we should foster more competition and choice for those who pay for their own insurance to bring down the ridiculous premium hikes we've seen under MNSure."

Remarkably, ABM didn't even try to hide their dishonesty as the following text is literally from the healthcare plan on the Johnson for Governor website:

ACTION: I will advocate for reinstating a MCHA-style pool for those with pre-existing conditions, guaranteeing competitively-priced coverage for everyone in Minnesota - even those with pre-existing conditions.

Johnson's opponent, Tim Walz, has called for Minnesota to move to a single-payer system in which private insurance is eliminated and all Minnesotans are forced onto one government plan.

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Dialing to Victory Weekend!

Join us this weekend to help us win the primary! We are just days away from the primary and we need YOU to ensure that Jeff represents us in November. Saturday we will be having classic Minnesota hot dishes. Sunday we will be having pizza & pop. You don't want to miss stopping in this weekend! RSVP for either (OR BOTH) days below. 
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*******RSVP for Dialing to Victory - Sunday HERE*******
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Mike "The MyPillow Guy" Lindell Endorses Jeff Johnson For Governor

There are many reasons I'm proud to have the support and endorsement of Mike Lindell.

Mike is an innovator, a fearless entrepreneur and has an absolutely AMAZING life story.

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Showing up & tackling the tough ones...


I believe for Republicans to win in Minnesota in 2018 we have to tackle the tough issues facing this state head-on and we have to work HARD by showing up anytime/anywhere to make our case to Minnesotans.

I’m proud that Donna Bergstrom and I have been running that type of race for many months now.  We’ve been EVERYWHERE and have been unafraid to lay out a bold vision. We’ve taken some arrows, but have also given voice to our principles and won over Republicans and Independents (and even a few Democrats) all over this state.

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Overthrow The Status Quo

There’s a very clear contrast between the candidates running for Governor--and that goes for the General Election AND the Primary on August 14.

The politics of the past is to tinker around the edges, do the things that sound good or poll well and not make waves. That works just fine for the political class - but it doesn’t make a lasting difference.

As Governor I will not be content to operate in the status quo system that exists now because it’s a system that has become arrogant, unaccountable, incapable - and that’s not going to change until the system changes.

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The Met Council: It's time to dismantle the beast


Whether our next governor is a Republican or a Democrat will have a huge impact on Minnesota’s future. But just electing any Republican is not enough - we need to elect the right kind of Republican. The Met Council is one of many examples that illustrates this point.

My first act as your Governor after being sworn in will be to spend a few minutes with my family to pray for guidance and humility. And then I’ll fire the Met Council and start the process of dismantling that behemoth once and for all.

By contrast, under Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the budget for the Met Council grew by nearly $300 million dollars - an increase of more than 50% in eight years. Tim had two full terms to push back against Met Council overreach. Instead, he fed the beast.

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Mille Lacs - It's Not Working and That's Not Okay!

Every lakeshore owner, resort operator, angler, hunter and tribal member wants to better understand how Mille Lacs Lake is evolving to ensure a thriving fishery and local economy. But that’s not happening! The state and tribal community’s co-management of Mille Lacs is not working and is, in fact, getting worse.

Leaderless co-management, minimal public involvement and zero accountability have resulted in ambiguous management goals that ignore the local economy and have put our Mille Lacs resources at risk.

It’s time that we focus on enhancing the biological, social and economic factors in and around Mille Lacs and end the uncertainty and short-sightedness of the current management arrangement.

A strong administration dedicated to managing resources, allocated or shared, will never settle for lakes reaching a critical stage. The decline in sport fishing and the massive impact on the local economy are clear evidence that it's time to end management systems and policies that don't work. If we need to try and convince the courts, then so be it.

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Why I won't sign any new gun restrictions as Governor

As it is for many Minnesotans, the debate about violence, guns and school safety in our society is very personal for me. We have two sons in school - one at a large university and one at a large high school - the sorts of places we see horrific shootings like that in Parkland, Florida earlier this year.

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Success isn't defined by how long you went to school

My youngest son is a junior in highschool and is in the midst of that difficult decision about what happens after he graduates next year.  He has many great options before him, but there is clearly an assumption amongst most of those at his school and many of the people we know: If he wants to be successful, he needs to choose the path of a four-year college degree.

That assumption - so common in Minnesota today - is simply wrong

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