Grassroots Weekend -- #RaiseTheRoots

After 15 months it all comes down to the next few weeks! We are in the final phase and are getting set to get our message out to true conservatives like you all across Minnesota!

To start his campaign, Tim Pawlenty had 373 big-dollar donors, we are looking to match that with 373 small-dollar donors...but in just 3 days! Let's put on a display of grassroots power this weekend and help bring home a BIG win.

There are kits below, but we want to emphasize we know no everyone can give these amounts...EVERY donation, no matter the size, will help us to our goal and help Jeff win the primary on August 14th.

Be ONE of the 373 Grassroots Donors NOW!


Because this weekend is all about the Grassroots, we are offering new Jeff Johnson gear with our Grassroots Kits! By making a donation of either $50 or $100 this weekend, you will receive one of these kits and you'll have everything you need to show your support AND to get Jeff's name out there before election day!

$50 Donation:

  • Bumper Sticker
  • NEW Johnson Water Bottle
  • NEW T-Shirt
  • Yard Sign


$100 Donation:

  • Bumper Sticker
  • NEW Johnson Water Bottle
  • NEW Johnson Baseball Cap
  • NEW T-Shirt
  • NEW Commemorative Pint Glass
  • Yard Sign

Claim YOUR Kit by Donating Right Now!


Here is where we stand now, and we'll live update the graph as we go. We just started today and off to a great start!






Show the Power of the Grassroots in Minnesota!

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RELEASE: Johnson calls for Pawlenty to Pull Absurd Ad

July 19, 2018

Tim Pawlenty absurd attack ad completely discredited by TWO respected fact checkers; Johnson responds that Pawlenty immediately pull the ad

Plymouth, MN -- Following the first two official fact checkings of Tim Pawlenty’s dishonest attack ad by WCCO and KTSP, and it’s finding that the ad made a whopping 12 claims that were either misleading or worse in just 30 seconds (one every 2.5 seconds), Jeff Johnson is demanding that Tim finally do the right thing and take this dishonest ad down.

“This ad was so clearly dishonest it was only a matter of time before everyone knew it, and sadly, Tim knew it was a lie all along” said Johnson. “It’s hard to imagine the old Tim Pawlenty doing something this unethical, but being in Washington DC has clearly affected his moral compass. It was a terrible decision, and now that the truth is out he should save face and pull the ad immediately.”

WCCO’s “Reality Check” by Pat Kessler, which found the ad composed of false and misleading assertions, and blatantly hypocritical, can be seen HERE.

KTSP’s “Truth Test” by Tom Hauser, which gave the ad a "D+" can be seen HERE.

The ad is slated to run in extremely heavy rotation on both broadcast and cable until July 25th.


Media Resources
Media outlets of all platforms can contact the campaign directly by emailing to or by emailing
For more information on the Johnson For Governor Campaign and to see the full announcement video, please visit:
The campaign can be followed on Social Media at: and @MNJeffJohnson

 A current Photo & Logo Gallery for use by television, print, and digital outlets can be found on the website under "Contact"--> "Media" --> "Media Kit" or here

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Jeff Johnson responds to Pawlenty Camp's confusing statement on debates



Today we called for one public debate between Tim Pawlenty and me before the August 14  primary. His campaign responded that they had already agreed to multiple debates.

Maybe we missed something, but here is the sum total of what Tim has agreed to:

  • Two closed door forums with potential donors (unrecorded, let alone not broadcast)
  • A 20-25 minute "joint interview" on KSTP
  • A Farm Fest forum with the DFL candidates focused on agriculture issues

Otherwise he has avoided any public appearance with me completely.

Tim claims to be the “A-team”, but is apparently afraid of a public one-on-one debate with the guy he's attacking on TV.

We haven't had, nor has Tim agreed to, a one-on-one public broadcast debate. We look forward to hearing what we’re missing from the Pawlenty campaign.

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Response to Tim Pawlenty’s Dishonest Ad


Today, Tim Pawlenty deliberately decided to take our primary race in a nasty (and dishonest) direction. After months of avoiding voters - and me - he came out of the gates with a huge TV buy and the single most dishonest political ad I’ve ever seen.

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Overthrow The Status Quo

There’s a very clear contrast between the candidates running for Governor--and that goes for the General Election AND the Primary on August 14.

The politics of the past is to tinker around the edges, do the things that sound good or poll well and not make waves. That works just fine for the political class - but it doesn’t make a lasting difference.

As Governor I will not be content to operate in the status quo system that exists now because it’s a system that has become arrogant, unaccountable, incapable - and that’s not going to change until the system changes.

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The Met Council: It's time to dismantle the beast


Whether our next governor is a Republican or a Democrat will have a huge impact on Minnesota’s future. But just electing any Republican is not enough - we need to elect the right kind of Republican. The Met Council is one of many examples that illustrates this point.

My first act as your Governor after being sworn in will be to spend a few minutes with my family to pray for guidance and humility. And then I’ll fire the Met Council and start the process of dismantling that behemoth once and for all.

By contrast, under Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the budget for the Met Council grew by nearly $300 million dollars - an increase of more than 50% in eight years. Tim had two full terms to push back against Met Council overreach. Instead, he fed the beast.

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RELEASE: Jeff Johnson Calls For Pawlenty To Withdraw


June 5th, 2018

In light of the chaotic last 72 hours for the DFL, Jeff Johnson calls for Tim Pawlenty to leave Governor's race

Plymouth, MN -- Following the radical differences between the GOP and DFL conventions last weekend--and the continuing fall out on the Democrat’s side--Jeff Johnson released the following statement today.

Jeff Johnson Full Statement:

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Mille Lacs - It's Not Working and That's Not Okay!

Every lakeshore owner, resort operator, angler, hunter and tribal member wants to better understand how Mille Lacs Lake is evolving to ensure a thriving fishery and local economy. But that’s not happening! The state and tribal community’s co-management of Mille Lacs is not working and is, in fact, getting worse.

Leaderless co-management, minimal public involvement and zero accountability have resulted in ambiguous management goals that ignore the local economy and have put our Mille Lacs resources at risk.

It’s time that we focus on enhancing the biological, social and economic factors in and around Mille Lacs and end the uncertainty and short-sightedness of the current management arrangement.

A strong administration dedicated to managing resources, allocated or shared, will never settle for lakes reaching a critical stage. The decline in sport fishing and the massive impact on the local economy are clear evidence that it's time to end management systems and policies that don't work. If we need to try and convince the courts, then so be it.

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Why I won't sign any new gun restrictions as Governor

As it is for many Minnesotans, the debate about violence, guns and school safety in our society is very personal for me. We have two sons in school - one at a large university and one at a large high school - the sorts of places we see horrific shootings like that in Parkland, Florida earlier this year.

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Success isn't defined by how long you went to school

My youngest son is a junior in highschool and is in the midst of that difficult decision about what happens after he graduates next year.  He has many great options before him, but there is clearly an assumption amongst most of those at his school and many of the people we know: If he wants to be successful, he needs to choose the path of a four-year college degree.

That assumption - so common in Minnesota today - is simply wrong

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