Overthrow The Status Quo

There’s a very clear contrast between the candidates running for Governor--and that goes for the General Election AND the Primary on August 14.

The politics of the past is to tinker around the edges, do the things that sound good or poll well and not make waves. That works just fine for the political class - but it doesn’t make a lasting difference.

As Governor I will not be content to operate in the status quo system that exists now because it’s a system that has become arrogant, unaccountable, incapable - and that’s not going to change until the system changes.

We have unelected bureaucrats taxing us tens of millions of dollars a year, we are passing unconstitutional omnibus bills each session that increase spending by double-digits, the DNR is ignoring and bullying our hunters and anglers, and the list goes on. It’s not working.

The good news is we can change all of this. State after state, in both political parties, people are rising up and rejecting business-as-usual politics and demanding fundamental change. 2018 is our time to join them.

Bottom line: if you want real change, there’s only one choice on August 14th.

The short video below is how we’ll start.


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