Jeff Johnson Endorsed by the Police Officer's Federation of Minneapolis

October 15, 2018 

Jeff Johnson Endorsed by Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis

Opposition to sanctuary state policy and support for pay and benefits helped Johnson win support of police union

Minneapolis, MN --  Jeff Johnson announced today he received the endorsement of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. Today’s announcement represents the first union endorsement for Johnson, the Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota. The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis represents more than 900 law enforcement professionals.

“As a Hennepin County Commissioner, Jeff is a proven leader for law enforcement,” said Lt. Bob Kroll, President of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. “We don’t have to guess where he stands on law and order, and Jeff has assured me he would be supportive of pay and retirement benefits for first responders, which is very important to us.”

“The men and women risking their lives to keep us safe need to know we have their backs and I will have their back,” said Johnson.

One of the reasons cited for the endorsement of Johnson was his strong stance against making sanctuary city policies. Johnson’s opponent Tim Walz supports making Minnesota a sanctuary state, where local and state law enforcement would be prohibited from cooperating with federal authorities regarding criminals here illegally.

“Jeff Johnson stands strongly against sanctuary city and sanctuary state laws and we agree with Jeff that local law enforcement needs to partner with the federal government to ensure public safety and remove the criminal element from cities, states and the country,” added Kroll.

“I won’t make Minnesota a sanctuary state,” said Johnson. “We need to empower local law enforcement to work with federal authorities to keep bad guys - not refugees, not immigrants - but bad guys off the street.”

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis represents police officers up to the rank of captain who are employed by the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Currently the Federation has more than 900 members and is the largest non-affiliated law enforcement union in the state of Minnesota.

“I’m proud to be union endorsed,” added Johnson.


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