RELEASE: Johnson calls for Pawlenty to Pull Absurd Ad

July 19, 2018

Tim Pawlenty absurd attack ad completely discredited by TWO respected fact checkers; Johnson responds that Pawlenty immediately pull the ad

Plymouth, MN -- Following the first two official fact checkings of Tim Pawlenty’s dishonest attack ad by WCCO and KTSP, and it’s finding that the ad made a whopping 12 claims that were either misleading or worse in just 30 seconds (one every 2.5 seconds), Jeff Johnson is demanding that Tim finally do the right thing and take this dishonest ad down.

“This ad was so clearly dishonest it was only a matter of time before everyone knew it, and sadly, Tim knew it was a lie all along” said Johnson. “It’s hard to imagine the old Tim Pawlenty doing something this unethical, but being in Washington DC has clearly affected his moral compass. It was a terrible decision, and now that the truth is out he should save face and pull the ad immediately.”

WCCO’s “Reality Check” by Pat Kessler, which found the ad composed of false and misleading assertions, and blatantly hypocritical, can be seen HERE.

KTSP’s “Truth Test” by Tom Hauser, which gave the ad a "D+" can be seen HERE.

The ad is slated to run in extremely heavy rotation on both broadcast and cable until July 25th.


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  • Bob Erickson
    Not Suprising from our X Governor Tim Pee. Mr man of Compromise, time and time again. A man Cluless of True Godly Principles & Values. A true low life Politician.
    Please Stand Tall Jeff Johnson. We Love You. Thanks, Bob
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